This session with my beautiful sister and her husband was so much fun! I feel honored to have been able to take her maternity photos and to capture this special time for their growing family! I can't believe that Tiandra will be having a baby so soon! Her and Wes are going to be the most amazing parents! I absolutely love maternity photoshoots because you can just feel the love that the soon-to-be parents have for their little baby on the way and you can definitely feel it with Tiandra and Wes.

I'm astonished at everything that Tiandra has been doing. She's been working full time, doing grad school and is pregnant all at the same time! I don't even know how she's done it! She's now getting ready to welcome her next adventure- having a sweet newborn! There's definitely a lot of ups and downs that accompany the change that a new baby brings, but the joy is indescribable and so worth it!

Motherhood is beautiful. There's just something about creating a tiny human's life that is nothing short of a miracle. With Mother's Day coming up it's perfect timing for the birth of this precious baby. I'm so excited for Tiandra and Wes and can't wait to meet my beautiful niece! Congratulations!