Not too long ago, I got a message from Chelsea. She was emailing in a bit of a panic because her dearest friend, Brenda, was scheduled to have a C-section for baby number two the following Friday. Brenda had expressed the mom guilt she felt for not celebrating this baby as much as her first. Chelsea, being the amazing friend that she is, jumped into action and reached out to me to see if we could do a last minute surprise maternity session. I felt honored to have been asked to be a part of the surprise!

To ensure that it would be a surprise, Brenda believed that Chelsea was going to be taking her maternity pictures with her phone....little did she know that her friend had gone above and beyond by getting a professional photographer!

When they arrived at the Dumas Bay Centre, I was waiting for them just beyond the tall hedges. As they turned the corner and saw me holding my big camera, Brenda was in disbelief! Tears sprung to her eyes as she embraced her friend.

We had a beautiful session with Brenda and her adorable daughter that night. The little girl was full of energy and loved to run as fast as she could, her pigtails bouncing with each step! The mother and daughter wore matching jean jackets and even had a tiny newborn jacket for the baby! The sun peaked it's golden rays through the trees before disappearing into a stunning mix of clouds by the end of the session.

Chelsea and Brenda have been friends ever since they were both bridesmaids in a friend's wedding. Chelsea said, "Brenda ended up moving into the same apartment complex as me and we would have little movie date hang outs all the time. From there on out it was just meant to be. I was in her wedding she was in mine. We shared all major life events together.

Brenda is the most selfless friend. She is the first one to jump up and help when you need it. Often times she puts her needs behind others. My job as her best friend especially with pregnancy and new seasons of life is to make sure she is okay and taken care of first. That's why I did the photos. She needed to be celebrated for the amazing woman mother sister daughter wife co worker and best friend that she is. Being all those things and growing a HUMAN at the same time is not easy but she did it with beauty and grace. She is my person and I love her."

This is the kind of friendship that you hope to keep around for a lifetime! I'm so honored that I could be a part of this and I'm so excited for Brenda and her family as they welcome this new little baby into the world.