Preparing for a photo mini session is essential to make the most of our limited time together. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

  1. Choose the Right Outfits: Select coordinated outfits that reflect your family's style and personality. Avoid busy patterns or logos that might distract from the main focus of the photos. Dress comfortably, so everyone feels at ease during the session.
  2. Lay Clothes Out the Night Before: To avoid the stress of running around the house trying to get the outfits ready right before the session, just set them out the night before. That way you can rest easy knowing everything is ready to go!
  3. Keep it Clean: Ensure you have clean shoes and clean wrinkle free clothes!
  4. Well Groomed: Make sure fingernails are clean and trimmed. Avoid chapped lips by bringing a little chapstick. Avoid sunburn and tan lines. For guys, schedule a haircut at least one week before your session. Have a fresh shave (5 o'clock shadows can't be retouched).
  5. Plan Ahead: Make sure you know the exact location and time of the mini session. Arrive a few minutes early to ensure you have enough time to get settled.
  6. Snacks and Water: No one likes to be hangry! Especially during a session! Bring along some snacks and water to keep everyone energized and hydrated during the session, but be sure the food won't leave behind brightly dyed mouths or sticky clothes.
  7. Rest and Naps: Try to schedule the session when everyone is well-rested, especially for young children. A well-rested family will be more cooperative and happy during the photoshoot.
  8. Discuss Goals with the Photographer: Fill out the questionnaire when booking your mini session or email me letting me know beforehand any specific shots or poses you'd like to have during the session.
  9. Come Early: Mini sessions are often scheduled back-to-back, so it's crucial to be on time. Arriving late could cut into your session time. When you come early you won't feel rushed and will have plenty of time to get situated before the session. We'll be able to make the most of the time that we have together to get you the photos that you'll cherish for a lifetime!
  10. Relax and Have Fun: I know that getting the whole crew ready for a photoshoot can be stressful. Once you're at your session I'll take care of the rest! Just relax and have fun! I got you! I'll encourage natural interactions and expressions with your family. Genuine smiles and laughter make for the best photos!
  11. Minimize Distractions: Try to minimize distractions during the session. Turn off your phones and avoid bringing too many unnecessary items to the shoot.
  12. Be Flexible: Sometimes things don't go exactly as planned, especially with young children. Embrace the spontaneity and be flexible during the session.

By preparing in advance and following these tips, you'll have a more enjoyable and successful photo mini session, resulting in beautiful and memorable images of your family! I can't wait to photograph you and your family!

All photos were taken by Washington family photographer, Aislynn Clark Photography.