This whole session with Becca and Finleigh was a dream! The mother and daughter had such a strong bond and I feel honored that I could help to capture a small glimpse of it. They've been getting pictures together ever since Finleigh, the daughter, was a baby! I bet it's amazing getting to see her grow up year by year in each picture. They keep the traditions and the memories going and I was so glad that I got to be a part of it!

This beautiful session was at Dash Point State Park. My mind is constantly blown at how many beautiful backdrops there are at this location. You can get sandy beaches, driftwood, bridges, meadows and beautiful forests all within a few minutes (if not seconds) of walking. The golden sun peeked perfectly through the trees and splashed warm rays across the beach. If you know Washington, you know that these golden rays won't last forever and I'm so glad we could capture such a beautiful day at the beach!

Halfway through the session, the little girl changed into a colorful flowy dress that she could twirl around in. It was so fun watching her face light up with each twirl as she danced barefoot in the sand!

Finleigh kept asking her mom how she knew me... I was just a random lady she had found on Facebook lol, but it felt like we had been friends for a while! They were so much fun to talk with and we had such a great time! I hope to be able to capture more of the love that this mother and daughter share through the years! Thank you Becca and Finleigh for letting me be a part of it!