Mason is a train enthusiast. He seems to know everything there is to know about trains. When I asked how long he's liked trains he replied that he's loved them for as long as he can remember. During the session, he was pointing out levers and gears in some of the trains and displays and describing what each one is used for. He's extremely knowledgable and you can tell that he loves everything about trains! He's even going to be getting a degree for trains. Who even knew that that was a thing?? Apparently the education for train operators is slowly dying out... but the need for them is still present. Meaning that Mason will probably have his pick of which company he goes to as they fight over him- lucky guy!

This train depot was a perfect location for Mason's senior photos! The depot was originally built in 1890 and has been restored to its original beauty. It now functions as a fully operating train station. The grounds of the depot also house stationary trains that we were able to capture some great shots with!

Mason is going to do incredible things in the future! Congratulations on your senior year!

This session was held at Snoqualmie, WA. All photos were taken by Tacoma Photographer, Aislynn Clark Photography