I was super excited to meet this sweet little girl! She was born a month early, but was ready to come into this world!

The session was one of the smoothest newborn sessions I've ever had! It's normal and expected to take breaks to feed or change diapers, but this little girl was totally content and slept most of the time! She even cracked a few smiles! We also got smiles from her siblings thanks to the help of amazing grandparents standing behind my shoulder making surprisingly good Donald Duck impressions lol.

This little one was welcomed into a beautiful family full of life! She has the most amazing parents and older siblings who love her so much! I feel honored that I was able to document the early days of welcoming this newborn home into such a great a family!

What an amazing and life changing time as newborns are brought home. It's a whirlwind of emotions and can be one of the most exhausting yet beautiful and love filled times of your life. Your heart just bursts with love for this new tiny person that you met not so long ago. There's nothing quite like the warm baby snuggles and holding tiny fingers.

Newborn sessions are one of my favorite sessions to photograph and I'm so excited to share a few of these photos from this beautiful photoshoot!